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Nous avons répertorié ici les réponses à vos questions les plus fréquentes. N'hésitez pas à nous contacter si vous ne trouvez pas votre réponse !

  • How to order a projection?
    Simply by going to the "Stallions 2022" page and clicking on the chosen stallion. Then just fill in: - Fractions to adjust: choose the number of doses, if you use leftover glitter from a previous season... - Mare's name and Sire's number: indicate the full name of the mare to be bred by the chosen stallion, as well as her Sire's number with the letter. If you have not yet chosen the mare, simply indicate "Information to come" for example in the box. - Name, address and telephone of the insemination center where the semen will be delivered: if you have not yet chosen your insemination center, indicate "Information to come" for example in the box. The seeds are never sent before the beginning of March each year, even in the event of reservation of breeding before this date (the seeds are then kept in stock for you). - Click "Add to Cart", then follow the ordering instructions. In the following pages, you will be asked to fill in your full contact details and the choice of delivery method (frozen semen, refrigerated semen, storage at Eurogen pending your instructions, etc...). ATTENTION: the breeding contract must be downloaded (see standard page), completed and sent by post, accompanied by the balance check if applicable. We will not be able to register the mating of your mare if we have not received these documents.
  • I haven't yet chosen my center and/or the mare to whom I intend the stallion, what should I do?
    It's simple: in the fields concerned (name of the insemination center and mare info), simply indicate that this information will be sent to us later. In this way, we reserve the semen for you and you are sure not to miss your favorite stallion!
  • When are the semen sent to my insemination centre?
    You can order your seeds all year round. The frozen semen are all stored at our partner Eurogen but are only sent to the insemination centers between March 1 and October 30. Between these two dates, they are kept in stock and reserved for you at Eurogen. If you wish to receive them between November 1 and February 28, subject to availability during this period, simply contact us by email at
  • What are the deadlines for receiving the semen from the stallions?
    In general, allow 24 to 48 hours, excluding weekends and public holidays, for your insemination center to receive the semen. Seeds are delivered from Tuesday to Friday. If frozen semen is used, do not hesitate to have the doses transported at the very beginning of the season. Your insemination center will store them until your mare is ready to be inseminated. For refrigerated semen, order the semen when your mare is induced, and in any case the day before before 5 p.m. For example: your mare ovulates a priori on Thursday, call us imperatively on Tuesday before 5 p.m. to be sure of being delivered on time. Please note: delivery times in the PACA region are often 24 hours longer! No refrigerated semen deliveries are made on Sundays or Mondays. Preferably avoid Saturday, a day during which carriers often have limited activity.
  • Where can I find the breeding contract to download?
    Either directly on the page of the chosen stallion. In the description you will find a clickable link on which to download the contract. Or on this link:
  • Is the Living Foal Guarantee included in the breeding contracts?
    Yes, for all stallions sold in 2 fractions (balance at 01/10 if mare in foal or balance at the birth of the foal). In case of abortion of your mare after October 1st or death of your foal within 48 hours of birth: - if sale on 01/10: it will be carried over to the following season - if balance cashed at birth: the check will be destroyed If you have leftover sequins, then you will only have to pay the technical costs of €50. If you no longer have sequins, the 1st fraction and the shipping costs will then have to be paid. If the stallion is no longer available, you will then be offered another stallion from the catalog of the same value as a replacement.
  • What are your tips for successful insemination?
    Frozen seeds inseminate closer to ovulation (less than 6 hours). This implies that your mare must be perfectly monitored (only 1 ultrasound per day is generally not sufficient). The choice of your delivery center is therefore essential for the success of the pregnancy. It is recommended to have a bacteriological analysis of your mare carried out before the breeding or post-foaling season, as well as to have preventive post-insemination uterine washings carried out. We recommend that you order your frozen semen before April 15, in order to avoid the high season rush, which can cause transport disruptions to the insemination centres. Once they arrive at your centre, they are then stored by the latter until your mare is ready. For chilled semen, we strongly recommend that you induce your mare so that you order the semen at the right time.
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